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PSI's understanding, experience, and accomplished record make us imminently qualified as your child welfare and Statewide Automated Child Welfare Information System (SACWIS) partner.

PSI's child welfare and SACWIS experience includes:

  • Integrating local municipality systems into the SACWIS enterprise in a state-managed, locally administered environment
  • Conducting pre-SACWIS conversion data clean-up of 45,000 case records, resulting in the generation of more than $50 million in child welfare reimbursements
  • Conducting pre-SACWIS implementation site assessments of computer systems, networks, and infrastructure
  • Implementing SACWIS systems at the statewide and local levels
  • Conducting quality reviews of childcare, Head Start, and foster care providers
  • Developing and managing corrective action plans and assisting service providers with maintaining service standards
  • Designing and developing a web-based, interactive Facilities Management System for eligibility managers to assist clients
  • Providing ongoing mission support in the areas of financial auditing and analysis, budgeting, claiming, and reimbursement



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